Final age ups

So, I’ve finally aged up all of Rommich’s current batch of kids to adulthood…

1 Hamelt, teen

11 Hamlet, adult

Hamlet, son of Kay, teen and adult

Traits: absent-minded, genius, slob, mooch perfectionist

LTW: The Zoologist

2 Hades, teen

10 Hades, adult

Hades, son of Kay, teen, adult

Traits: loner, friendly, grumpy, evil, animal lover

LTW: The Emperor of Evil

3 Ganymede, adult

Ganymede, son of Wina Marine

Traits: easily impressed, loves outdoors, inappropriate, no sense of humor, virtuoso

LTW: Greener Gardens

4 Hecate, teen

12 Hecate, adult

Hecate, daughter of Kay Redding, teen and adult

Traits: loves outdoors, genius, light sleeper, rebellious, charismatic

LTW: Super Popular

5 Gianfar, adult

Gianfar, son of Malcolm Landgraab

Traits: virtuoso, loves outdoors, unlucky, disciplined, party animal

LTW: Physical Perfection

6 Gacrux, adult

Gacrux, son of Gertrude Brown

Traits: good, friendly, insane, slob, irresistible

LTW: Leader of the Free world

7 Gaea, adult

Gaea, daughter of Johnny Vasquez

Traits: excitable, loves outdoors, snob, virtuoso, ?

LTW: Private Museum

8 Helen, adult

Helen, daughter of Jay Redding

Traits: good, artistic, absent-minded, unflirty, never nude

LTW: The Animal Rescuer

9 Hermes, adult

Hermes, son of Jay Redding

Traits: genius, excitable, coward, disciplined, photographer’s eye

LTW: World Class Gallery



More Age Up

1 Fetu, 18

Fetu, son of Kenneth Majesty

Traits: slob, unlucky, virtuoso, socially awkward, loner

LTW: Perfect Student

2 Fipnik, 18

Fipnik, son of Kenneth Majesty

Traits: excitable, mooch, friendly, unlucky, eccentric

LTW: Monster Maker

3 Ganymede, 12

Ganymede, son of Wina Marine

Traits: easily impressed, loves outdoors, inappropriate, no sense of humor

4 Gianfar, 12

Gianfar, son of Malcolm Landgraab

Traits: virtuoso, loves outdoors, unlucky, disciplined

5 Gaea, 12

Gaea, daughter of Johnny Vasquez

Traits: excitable, loves outdoors, snob, virtuoso

6 Gacrux, 12

Gacrux, son of Gertrude Brown

Traits: good, friendly, insane, slob

7 Furud, 18

Furud, son of Eloril

Tratis: slob, good, diva, bot fan, workaholic

LTW: International Super Spy

8 Fomalhaut, 18

Fomalhaut, son of Eloril

Traits: virtuoso, athletic, slob, evil, dramatic

LTW: Hit Movie Composer

9 Fantasian, 18

Fantasian, son of Eloril

Traits: genius, athletic, coward, flirty, snob

LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

10 Galaxia, 12

Galaxia, daughter of Vegata Marine

Traits: brave, clumsy, mean spirited, light sleeper, insane

LTW: Turn the Town

11 Hermes, 12

Hermes, son of Jay Redding

Traits: genius, excitable, coward, ?

12 Helen, 12

Helen, daughter of Jay Redding

Traits: good, artistic, absent-minded, unflirty


Update, Sort of…

My Sims 3 game has been lagging and very non-responsive to commands when playing, so it’s no longer fun to play. I will age up Rommich’s current batch of children so you can see them…

I have plans to re-create him as best a possible in the Sims 4 and continue the story there…I had planned to move him to a new town anyway…

So, first up, Fornacius, son on Levi Babur, witch…teen and adult (he’s 18, right now)

Traits: Neurotic, Disciplined, Evil, Green Thumb, Bookworm

LTW: Alchemy Artisan

1 Fornacius, 1220 Fornacius, 18

Fetu, son of Kenneth Majesty, werewolf, teen

Traits: Slob, Unlucky, Virtuoso, Socially Awkward

2 Fetu, 12

Fipnik, son of Kenneth Majesty, werewolf, teen

Traits: Excitable, Mooch, Friendly, Unlucky

3 Fipnik, 12

Furud, son of Eloril, elf, teen

Traits: Slob, Good, Diva, Bot Fan

12 Furud, 12

Fomalhaut, son of Eloril, elf, teen

Traits: Virtuoso, athletic, slob, evil

13 Fomalhaut, 12

Fantasian, son of Eloril, elf, teen

Traits: genius, athletic, coward, flirty

14 Fantasian, 12

Ganymede, son of Wina Marine, fairy

Traits: easily impressed, loves outdoors, snob

4 Ganymede, 5

Gaea, daughter of Johnny Vasquez

Traits: excitable, loves outdoors, snob

6 Gaea, 5

Hermes, son of Jay Redding

Traits: genius, excitable, coward

8 Hermes, 216 Hermes, 5

Helen, daughter of Jay Redding

Traits: good, artistic, absent-minded

9 Helen, 217 Helen, 5

Hamlet, son of Kay Redding

Traits: absent-minded, genius, slob

10 Hamlet, 218 Hamlet, 5

Hades, son of Kay Redding

Traits: loner, friendly, grumpy

Note: I changed his appearance because  I wanted him to have Kay’s eyes and hair…he’s the one that resulted in Kay’s death…

11 Hades, 219 Hades, 5

Hecate, posthumous daughter of Kay Redding

Traits: loves oudoors, genius, ?

15 Hecate, 221 Hecate, 5


Note: I’m pretty sure Galaxia (daughter of Vegata Marine) aged up but I didn’t get a picture of her. I’ll also include pictures of Gianfar and Gaxcrux in the next update…



I’m taking a little break. I’m not really feeling the story. My Sims 3 game is not being very cooperative and I’m getting tired of dealing with it when trying to take screenshots. Plus I’ve been playing Sims 4 more lately, which is a lot more cooperative on my laptop. I am sorry…

Log Entry #192

Author’s Note: Ravenwood Academy does not exist. The town of Newton Falls, NY does exist, but any resemblance to any person or structure is purely coincidental. The phone number and email are also fictitious. I set Sunset Valley in California because that where it always seemed to me to fit best. The Zip Code is real and there is a town there, but any resemblance to any person or organization is again purely coincidental. I chose that spot because the coastline seemed to match up best with the bay in Sunset Valley.  

Received June 5, 2031:

192.1 BC Acceptance Letter p1 192.2 BC Acceptance Letter p2

Log Entry #191

191.1 Computer Screen


191.2 Computer Screen


191.3 Computer Screen


Red Slipper 9: Fornacius

Log Entry 190

Screenshot Screenshot-2
“I-It h-hurts!” Kay wailed.
“I know,” I said soothingly. One unexpected side-effect of the artificial uterus was that Kay had gone into labor. His C -section had been scheduled for next week based on fetal development. We’d decided to have sex one last time before his surgery. He’d complained of cramping and pain when I’d entered him. He’d managed to finish inside me earlier, but just barely. So I’d decided to examine him.
“What is it?”

“Kay’s in labor,” I explained tersely. Kay screamed.
“Yeah, well, tell that to the baby,” I snapped.
She frowned at me, but stepped up to examine him. “How long?”
“No idea. He complained of cramps. I thought it was indigestion.”
“Has his anus dilated any?”
“Some, not enough. The fetus’s head has descended. Is it suppose to?”
“No. However, to facilitate insemination, I did make an opening between the uterus and his rectum. It was not designed with natural childbirth in mind.”
“What were you doing prior to the onset of labor?”
I blushed. “Having sex.”
She scowled but didn’t comment. “We must prepare for an emergency C-section.”
Mutely I nodded. If the baby didn’t come out now, Kay would die.
It was a long and difficult surgery. The baby’s shoulders had shredded his rectum in its effort to leave. The umbilical cord was dangerously tangled about its neck. My eyes flicked to the vital signs monitor. Even with my superior medical technology, Kay was losing his battle. Damn him for not speaking up earlier. The baby’s thin wail filled the room. It was immediately followed by a flat tone as Kay’s heart stopped again. This time I was unable to re-start it.
“T-time of d-death…3:16 A.M.” I said brokenly.
“The child lives. It is healthy.”

“I don’t care! Your experiment failed! Kay’s dead because of you and your total disregard for human life!”
“It was not a complete failure. The child lives. I will need to perform an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.”
“It is necessary, Dr. Exipelh.”
“Keep your filthy hands off of him. He was your brother! How can you possibly think of autopsying him now?”
“Valuable data is being lost while you argue.”
I slapped her. Hard. I hadn’t meant to, but my hand just lashed out and connected with her cheek.
“Dr. Exipelh. Rommich. I do grieve. This is how I cope. It must be done, but, perhaps not today. Do you have a place to put him?”
I nodded numbly. We put him in a stasis unit for now. The scientist in me knew she spoke the truth. The lover just wanted to just curl up and die. I put my grief aside while we cleaned up and cared for the children.

I was on autopilot over the next few days until Kay’s funeral. Jay conducted an autopsy. I didn’t ask the results. She also arranged a simple service for him. It was only the second human funeral I’d attended. Olivia’s had been more elaborate. Jay and I stood side by side while they lowered him into the ground.

“Dr. Reed.”
“Rommich,” she hovered uncertainly in the doorway of my bedroom. I could count on one hand the number of times she had addressed me by my first name. Never had she sounded so…vulnerable.
I don’t know who reached out first, but suddenly she was in my arms kissing me fiercely. Our clothes flew everywhere as we decided they were superfluous.
I cried out his name as I pounded away in a body so like and unlike his. She scored my back and arms with her nails.
Afterward I held her while she wept. We didn’t speak. What words could possibly convey the depth of our mutual loss? She left in the middle of the night. I understood. I’d leave if I could.

I woke to an empty bed. My body ached from Jay’s desperate need. Sitting on the nightstand was a small box, just big enough to hold a ring. A piece of folded paper lay beneath it. I opened it. A note, an explanation, in Jay’s handwriting:
“Dr. Exipelh, I found this among my brother’s possessions. I am certain he intended it for you. He cared deeply about you. Jay Reed.”
I put it on. It fit perfectly. The diamond wasn’t terribly large, but it was flawless. Engraved on the inside of the band: ‘Forever, my love.’ I wept.
<Forever, my love.>
Two weeks later, I discovered that Kay had left me another memento…

Extra Pics:


Levi is his brother Fornacius’s mother…way to keep it in the family, Albiorix!

Fornacius, 12

Fornacious, age 12

Ganymede, 5

Ganymede, age 5

Log Entry #189


“I don’t feel well, R-Rommich,” Kay complained seconds before emptying the contents of his stomach onto my bed.

“I see,” I replied neutrally as my own stomach lurched unhappily at the smell. My pregnancy had been remarkably easy this time. “Well, let’s go check you out then.”

He nodded miserably.

I relaxed after performing the examination. “There’s nothing wrong with you, Kay.”

“B-But the v-vomiting…,” he protested.

“That’s perfectly normal for someone in your condition. It should pass in a month or so.”

“M-my c-condition?”

“Mm-hmm, you’re pregnant, Kay,” I had to leap awkwardly to prevent him from cracking his head as he fainted. We landed in an uncomfortable position with an unconscious Kay pinning me to the floor. “Dr. Reed? Jay?”

“Do stop yelling, Dr. Exipelh.” Dr. Reed appeared in the doorway. “What happened?”

“Kay fainted. Could you get him off of me?”


“Because he’s on my bladder! Why do you think?”

“Not that,” she rolled him onto his back. “Why did he faint? And why were you foolish enough to attempt to stop him in your condition?”

I sighed in relief as the pressure eased. “I’m an idiot.”


“I told him he’s pregnant,” I said, accepting her assistance in rising. “He took the news better than I expected.”

She studied Kay expressionlessly. “Indeed. He is well, otherwise?”

“Morning sickness,” I explained.

“Ah. Here is the milk for the twins.”

“Thank you.”

—  (March)

Kay was a nervous wreck when I went into labor. I could barely feel my fingers where he gripped them. It would have been amusing if I hadn’t been in agonizing pain. Luckily, my labor didn’t take that long.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it, Kay?” I cradled my newborn.

“Y-yes.” He hesitantly touched the infant’s head as it greedily sucked at my breast.

“It looks like every other infant,” Dr. Reed said disparagingly.

“You have no maternal instinct.”

“No. Nor do I want it. I have more important things to do than change dirty diapers and discuss toilet training. Motherhood turns women’s brains to mush.”

“You don’t mean that!”

“I have yet to have an intellectually stimulating conversation with a new mother.”

“But this is your own flesh and blood.”

She just gave me this look. I decided to ignore her. I’d much rather coo over my baby.

—  (April)

“Kay,” I wrapped my arms around his wet, naked body.

“R-Rommich!” He jumped slightly. I steadied him as his foot skidded a little.

“Yes. Were you expecting someone else?” I ran my hand over his belly to gently caress his penis. He moaned a little at the contact. We hadn’t had sex in almost two months and I, for one, was incredibly horny.

“W-We sh-shouldn’t…”

“Do you really want me to stop?” I slid one soapy finger into his anus.

“N-no,” he gasped. He braced himself against the wall as I fondled him. My own penis descended so l could penetrate him. Mindful of his pregnancy, I took care not to be too rough.


I cradled him in my lap, heedless of the water still streaming down. “I love you, Kay,” I murmured into his dark hair.

“L-love you,” he replied.

“I’ve missed this.”

He laughed softly at my fervent tone. “M-me t-too.”

“Bed?” I suggested. I wasn’t quite ready to end this interlude. The nannybots were watching the infants and I’d just fed the youngest, so I had time for Kay. He agreed willingly enough.

Log Entry #188



“Dr. Exipelh, I require your assistance in the medical lab.”

I groaned as Dr. Reed’s voice interrupted a very pleasant dream. <What time is it?>

<Two hours past the local midnight, Senior Pollination Technician.>


“I am in labor.”

Hvaj!” I nearly fell out of bed as my legs got tangled in the bedding. I threw on some clothes and rushed out the door.

“Wha-?” a sleepy Kay asked.

“The baby,” I said over my shoulder.




When I arrived, Jay had already undressed and was calmly walking around. “About time, Dr. Exipelh. I thought I would have to deliver the baby myself.”

“How are you feeling?”

“I am in labor, how do you think I am feeling?” she snapped.


I sighed. “How far apart are the contractions?”

“One minute.”

“So close?” I was startled.

“Yes. I saw little point in disturbing you earlier. I have been in labor for a little over twelve hours. You could have done nothing earlier except fuss over me. Now that it is time to push, your assistance would be helpful.”

“Oh. Um. The pain?”

“Is irrelevant. Assist me onto the table.”


“Right.” I hurriedly scrubbed up so I could examine her. She was fully dilated and I could see the crown even as I looked. “Okay, whenever you’re ready.”

Within minutes, I held my newest child in my hands.

“I-Is it o-over?”


“Yes. Say ‘hello’ to Uncle Kay, little one.” Gingerly, he took it from me so I could tend to Jay. Kay looked so natural holding it. I couldn’t wait to hold our child in my arms. “What?!” I hastily held out my hands as Jay’s second child emerged. I hadn’t expected twins!

“What is it?”



“Perhaps a bit underweight, but nothing obvious. I’ll know more after I examine them.”

“D-did you want t-to h-hold th-them?”

“No. I see no point in forming an emotional attachment when I will not be involved in their lives.”

“You could be. I have no objections. Many of my other children have relationships with their other parent’s family.” I told her.


“Very well. But about nursing them…”

“No. I will express my milk to ensure their health. For at least the first month or so.”

I nodded. I hadn’t expected her to concede even that much. I rubbed a hand over my belly. In three months, there would be a third infant in the nursery and after that…I glanced at Kay. He hadn’t yet begun to exhibit signs of pregnancy. Was he carrying twins? I didn’t know. I wasn’t.

The babies were healthy. A boy and girl: Hermes and Helen.

Log Entry #187



Kay idly toyed with one of my nipples after our latest bout of lovemaking. He’d more or less moved into my room by now. Not that we’d ever discussed it. I just woke one morning and all his things were there. No matter how many times we had sex, it always felt like the third time. (The first was too quick and the second…I doubted I’d be able to repeat that performance, so I didn’t even try.)

“Have you g-gained weight?” His stutter had eased in private.

“Yes. You’re very observant.”

“I thought I was the one who was supposed t-to g-gain weight.” His hand drifted lower to caress the small bulge. It jerked back suddenly. “W-what w-was th-that?”

I laughed softly as the baby kicked again. “That, my dear Kay, is a baby.”

“B-b-b-but w-w-we h-h-haven’t…” He looked as if he was about to pass out.

I tenderly cupped his cheek. “Breathe. We did. Once. You were drunk. Very drunk. I’m about four and a half months pregnant with your, our, child.”

“Th-then you d-didn’t have t-to…with m-me,” one tear slowly welled up and traced a path down his cheek.

“No,” I brushed it away. “I didn’t have to make love to you. I didn’t have to participate in your sister’s experiment. But,” I whispered, “I would have taken you to my bed even if we could never have a child together.” I reached down to stroke him. “I want this in me, Kay. My love.” I didn’t look at him as I softly said the final two words.

“R-Ro-Rommich…,” he clung to me as I spoke. “C-c-can we? Is it s-s-safe? T-t-to…?”


“Yes.” I drew him down on top of me and spread my legs for him. He was a bit clumsy at first, but he was a quick learner.

“Th-that was d-different.”

“But nice?”

“V-very n-nice.”

“Yes.” I yawned. I pulled him into my embrace. I was very glad he hadn’t over-reacted to my pregnancy.


“Dr. Exipelh.”

“Dr. Reed.” I looked up warily from Kay’s latest test results.

“My brother informed me of your pregnancy. Why did you not?”

“Inform you? Perhaps because I thought the father should know first. Although you clearly are not as observant as you thought.”

Her lips tightened, the only visible indication of her emotions. “You deliberately deceived me.”

“You deceived yourself, Dr. Reed.”

“Are those Kay’s test results?”

“Yes,” I turned the monitor so she could see them.

Her eyes lit up as she absorbed the information. “I did it!” she breathed.

We did it,” I corrected. “In part. Conception does not necessarily mean a successful pregnancy. It will be months before the baby is born. If the baby is born.”


“No,” I sighed as I turned the machine off. “Realist. I’ve had a miscarriage before.”


Reflexively she put her hand over the baby growing inside of her. “I am sorry.”

“Thank you. It was the result of genetic incompatibilities caused by the mixing of DNA from two males.”


“Meaning there is a 25% probability of this embryo terminating in the first three months.”

“Have you told Kay?”

I shook my head. “It was one factor in my decision not to announce my pregnancy earlier.”

“My child?”

“Is fine. If it is a girl, her sons might have cause for concern. It is sex-linked to hermaphroditism.”


“Ah. The aliens of the past…”

“Are not of my people.”

“Your child…”

“I ran the test as soon as I could. About six weeks or so.”

“And if it had come back positive?”

“What do you think?” I asked her softly.

“Not an easy choice.”


“Have you made it before?”


“I hope you do not have to make if again. I do not think Kay would make that choice even if termination is inevitable.”

“Me too. I want Kay’s child simply because it is his. Not for my mission. I care a great deal for your brother.”

“And me?”


I shrugged and laughed. “Being around humans has taught me that when one becomes involved with someone, one is involved with their family as well. I don’t particularly like you as a person, but Kay loves you, so…can we at least be civil toward one another? For Kay’s sake?”

“Yes…for Kay.”