Final age ups

So, I’ve finally aged up all of Rommich’s current batch of kids to adulthood…

1 Hamelt, teen

11 Hamlet, adult

Hamlet, son of Kay, teen and adult

Traits: absent-minded, genius, slob, mooch perfectionist

LTW: The Zoologist

2 Hades, teen

10 Hades, adult

Hades, son of Kay, teen, adult

Traits: loner, friendly, grumpy, evil, animal lover

LTW: The Emperor of Evil

3 Ganymede, adult

Ganymede, son of Wina Marine

Traits: easily impressed, loves outdoors, inappropriate, no sense of humor, virtuoso

LTW: Greener Gardens

4 Hecate, teen

12 Hecate, adult

Hecate, daughter of Kay Redding, teen and adult

Traits: loves outdoors, genius, light sleeper, rebellious, charismatic

LTW: Super Popular

5 Gianfar, adult

Gianfar, son of Malcolm Landgraab

Traits: virtuoso, loves outdoors, unlucky, disciplined, party animal

LTW: Physical Perfection

6 Gacrux, adult

Gacrux, son of Gertrude Brown

Traits: good, friendly, insane, slob, irresistible

LTW: Leader of the Free world

7 Gaea, adult

Gaea, daughter of Johnny Vasquez

Traits: excitable, loves outdoors, snob, virtuoso, ?

LTW: Private Museum

8 Helen, adult

Helen, daughter of Jay Redding

Traits: good, artistic, absent-minded, unflirty, never nude

LTW: The Animal Rescuer

9 Hermes, adult

Hermes, son of Jay Redding

Traits: genius, excitable, coward, disciplined, photographer’s eye

LTW: World Class Gallery


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  1. Hi. This is jbfairybird with my new account. I have to recreate my files and wondered if you still are ok with me using Rommich in my challenge. If not let me know and I can write him out.

    • What exactly did you have in mind?

      • It mostly will be the same as before but I have to write out Fancy and alter a few points slightly on timing. There’s just a bit of dialog in yours that wouldn’t match up so you wouldn’t have to do anything much to your part of the story. I just wanted to check in with you before I get to the point of writing new chapters for Quest.

      • I don’t see any problem with that. Any inaccuracies could be attributed to the fact that two different people are reporting their experiences.

      • Ok. Np. I’ll just carry on with the story. I won’t be including everything in your chapters since I have a lot to cover with all the harem donated sims. I’ll link your challenge with the chapter range on each where I include Liam’s Pov of what you’ve already posted.

      • Well, some of what happens in my chapters doesn’t involve Liam at all, so why would you focus on that?

      • I meant I won’t take every scene he’s in word for word, some I’ll mention it without too much detail and other scenes will be the whole thing. If you looked at Liam’s stay in Borage’s story you’ll see what I mean. I summarized a bunch of smaller scenes while others included the whole thing with dialog.

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